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Water Ski

Water skiing is a fun and easy activity for all ages. It’s easier than you think… We make it easy with our certified teacher.


Wakeboarding is an activity for the more sporty of people. Once you get the hang of it, it will become your favorite hobby.


When the wind is calm and the sea is relatively flat then it is time for Waterskiing or Wakeboarding using the power of our motorboat. Lessons are available for all levels by our qualified instructors. We provide all of the appropriate equipment. Our experienced driver/trainer will guarantee your satisfaction but above all your safety.

Don’t miss it ! it is a must for Lefkada to rent a boat for a day. Find your own deserted beaches, and discover your own paradise. It is safe and you don’t need a license (engines 25 hp). We can also provide you with a skipper to take you to our worldwide famous beaches Porto Katsiki & Egremni beach if the weather conditions permitted.


Safe and friendly for children who are afraid of water. 2 to 8 people can enjoy together.


Tubes are an extremely versatile choice, where you can have an easy ride with lots of fun, being pulled gently by the boat.


The Banana ride could be the best ride for your buck on the beach. It delivers the thrill of a Speedboat with a little more padding.

A fun inflatable iceberg and a floating trampoline are at the water with as a result, the ideal set for children to have fun, all under the caring eye of a trained lifeguard team. It will become a real challenge getting your children out of the sea with these fun games!

In 1997 the development of water sport tourism, especially windsurfing, in Vasiliki was rapid. The result was a very high demand for water sports. The weather conditions were tough though as water sports require calm weather. My name is Panos Mpelegrinos and I am a graduate of the Department of Science and Physical Education of Athens with postgraduate studies in water skiing, sailing, lifeguard swimming. I noticed that the North/West part of Vasiliki Bay, while the wind blows heavily and the windsurfers dance in the strong winds, the water is very calm with as a result the perfect position for water sports. It was then that I started the effort to set up water sports in Vasiliki Bay. In the first years there was an improvised floating platform with a boat for waterskiing and games in the water. In the next years we added a boat for parachute rides and in 2007 we renovated everything with a new floating platform, a boat for wakeboarding and the one-of-a-kind floating playground. The floating playground is the only one on the Island and consists of an iceberg, a trampoline, slides and balance cylinders. After that we added rental boats for trips to small beaches. All of the above is in an environment where safety is our priority. At the water sports there is a lifeguard present and most importantly the location is far away from swimmers, ship routes, in deep and crystal clear water.