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Canal D’amour

rend a boat in Sidari

Heading west from Sidari on your Wave Boat adventure, your first stop will be Corfu’s famous Canal D’ Amour.  

An idyllic area with unique clay rock formations that form a series of wonderful coves and canals, the rocks run in different shades of yellow and are topped with lush greenery. These stunning coves can be reached through several paths and steps, but are far more awe inspiring when viewed from the sea.

With its heavenly crystalline waters, Canal D’ Amour is one of the most unique spots in Corfu, and not just good for the soul but for the body too. You may notice some visitors sat on the rocks with a covered in what seems to be mud, in fact its the clay from the stunning rock formations. It is well known locally, and now by the regular tourists, that the clay from these rocks is great for the completion. So, find a good spot, slap some on and bask in the sun for a bit and wash it all off in the crystal blue waters, it’ll be the best free spa treatment you’ll ever have.

For the romantics among you local legend has it that couples who swim through the narrow canal together will be together for ever, for the singletons it is said that if you swim the length of the canal you will find the one of your dreams. Whatever way you look at it, it’s a pretty magical place all round!

wave boat rend – Sidari boat hire  will give you foul instructions to get there

Apotripiti (Kapases islands), Peroulades

wave boat rend – Sidari boat hire  will give you foul instructions to get there

Apotripiti is another of Peroulades’ hidden gems that you can easily pass by without ever knowing it even exists. Just past Canal D’ Amour beach, you can easily spot this gem while passing by boat by its two islands (Kapases) located just off the shore.

It may be a small beach but it has all the beauty you will come to expect from the beaches in the North of Corfu. Walled by intricate clay rocks and topped with Corfu’s characteristic lush greenery, Apotripiti and the Kapases adds to the long list of small oases that this paradise island has to offer.

If you are feeling adventurous, drop anchor and swim to the Kapases and have some relaxing time basking in the sun or exercise your cliff-jumping skills.

If you want to feel the sand between your toes, Apotripti is another spot where you can enjoy a free spa. Using the muddy sand of the beach as an ointment for your skin and the clay from the rocks as a mask, you will not only come away more relaxed but also with skin as smooth as a baby.

A favorite by many locals, especially children, Apotripiti is a relaxing alternative to Canal D’ Amour.

Logas, Sunset Beach

wave boat rend – Sidari boat hire  will give you foul instructions to get there

The locals from villages all over Northern Corfu know that there is only one place to watch a sunset and that’s Logas. With the Diapontia Islands (Erikoussa, Othoni and Mathraki) just opposite at the height of the summer the sun disappears slowly behind the islands, turning the sky picture perfect pink and has revelers stop what they are doing to watch this everyday miracle.

Popular with tourists too and usually accessed by road Logas, Sunset beach is always crowded during the sunset, so why not watch this stunning spectacle from the sea? Float in the Ionian Sea, watching the breathtaking sunset on the last leg of your journey, or swim to the narrow beach and soak up the rest of the rays on the warm sand.

Cape Drastis, Peroulades

wave boat rend – Sidari boat hire  will give you foul instructions to get there

Cape Drastis is tucked away in the beautiful wooded landscape of the traditional village of Peroulades, in North Corfu.

One of the best things about Cape Drastis, aside from its breath taking beauty, is that the majority of the area can only be accessed by sea (either by swimming or by boat) and this has protected the area from human intervention, keeping its natural beauty unspoilt.

The only exception is the main cape, which can also be accessed by road or by foot. You can moor your boat here for a short while, sunbathe of the clay rocks, enjoy a Greek coffee and enjoy a dip in the crystalline waters.

However, we recommend that you go beyond the cape where you will find many small and beautiful secluded beaches and several islands where you can lie down and enjoy the quiet and tranquility or practice your cliff-jumping skills.

San Stefanos, North West

wave boat rend – Sidari boat hire  will give you foul instructions to get there

Framed with lush green hills, olive groves and an unspoilt rural valley, San Stefanos beach (known locally as Agios Stefanos) is over a mile long and offers shallow, clear blue waters and a broad stretch of golden soft sand and is the final stop to the west of our coastal limits.

This safe, spacious and relatively undeveloped beach is popular place for family holidays, and like Sidari, has visitors that return year after year.

Agios Stefanos was once quiet fishing village that has added tourism over the last twenty years while keeping its identity and village feel.


Roda & Acharavi

wave boat rend – Sidari boat hire  will give you foul instructions to get there

Taking one of our boats east from Sidari Beach will take you to the popular resorts of Roda and Acharavi.

On the way you will find some secluded and unspoiled beaches that are usually unknown to the less adventurous tourist.

Astrakeri beach is part of the traditional Greek village of Astrakeri, out of season it is a sparsely populated village, during the summer season you will find a few traditional tavernas. Further along is the peaceful bay of Agnos surrounded by green hills.

Next stop is Roda, an old fishing village with a long sandy beach, popular with British tourists and has a wealth of bars and restaurants to enjoy.

The last stop on the eastern end of our coastal limits is the busy village of Acharavi. Open all year round it, has some of the classiest beach bars on the north of the island and a beautiful stretch of beach where you can enjoy award winning cocktails and a selection of traditional and modern Greek cuisines.

Boat Trips

From Sidari to Sunset beach the reason that this trip is small is because it lasts 1 hour. Max people for the trip are 5 people. The captain speaks fluent English. He is well known of the history of the location and of the beautiful locations. It is a nice tour in Canal d’amour. You will see beaches with green water, caves a unique view. Canal d’amour is famous. Forged rocks from the sault of the sea make a unique view that looks like an artwork.

Boat Renting

From end to end, our limits (coastal route) strech over approximately 23 km. of coast line. Along of Corfu’s North-west coast you will find something for everyone, from beautiful resort towns live with restaurants, shops and lots of other things to do, to small quite coves and bueatiful beaches only accessible by boat.


Free personal insurance is included for all passengers in Wave Motor Boats.



The limits exist for your own safety and must be kept to all islands off the north west coast of Corfu are the limits with no exception.


Capacity: 1 -2 people max

You can do a solo easy ride or ride along with a friend. It is a nice way to see the beautiful and nice shaped rocks and reach some locations that are far away from the beach.

Petal boats

There are 2 types of petal boats. With slider, if you have kids it’s the best choice they can enjoy the slider parallel you can enjoy the amazing locations of Sidari. Simple petal boats, they are equipped with tent, so you are protected from the sun but if you want to enjoy the beautiful sun and tan we can take the tent of.


Get to know us

Wave Boat Company is located on Sidari beach, in the northern part of Corfu, Greece. Since 2006 we have been renting quality boats to Sidari’s visitors and giving them the chance to explore the northern part of the coastal route of Corfu all the way from San Stefanos on the West, up to Acharavi on the East!

From end to end, our limits (coastal route) stretch over approximately 23 km of coast line. Along of Corfu’s North-West coast you will find something for everyone, from beautiful resorts with their restaurants, shops and amusements, to small quiet coves and beautiful beaches accessible only by boat.

Our company is located in Sidari beach in the northern part of Corfu, Greece and has been operating since 2006 giving to the visitors of Sidari the chance to explore the northern part of the coastal route of Corfu all the way from San Stefanos, Auliotes up to Acharavi!

Our boats vary in horsepower (15hp – 40hp) and can hold from two people up to six people.

You can hire a boat for 1 hour (30€)2 hours (50€)for 1 day (10:00am -17:00pm). You won’t need any special lisence to rent a boat from us, but we do require a 50 Euro deposit which will be returned to you when you deliver the boat you hired.

Note if you book a boat and the weather dont allow your trip we reschedule your trip for an other day of your choice without any extra charge.

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