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Established in 1981 by Vasilis Avlonitis, with a wealth of knowledge and over 30 years of experience to draw upon, Vasilis still governs SIDARI WATERSPORTS CENTRE, one of THE  best water sports Centers  in Greece!  Not one to rest on his laurels, Vasilis ensured that his youngest son Alexandros, not only under his own watchful eye gained valuable first class “hands on” parasailing training but also qualified as a Professional
Waterski /Wakeboard Coach via the BWSF, also gaining many other diplomas relating to the sport.

SIDARI WATERSPORTS CENTRE, is located in the heart of Sidari, Corfu, near the harbor, we boost sheltered flat water leading to the open sea.  We have great facilities and resources to work within the harbour with access to the open sea.  We have the best location for the job….because we take your fun seriously, whether you are a novice or a serious AQUAHOLIC!

Seeking for some fast fun on the water? Try one of our tube rides! Go with up to 8 people on one big tube or take several tubes and have fun! Young and Old we’ve got a ride! So if you want a rocky experience or just some fun on the water. Tell your boat driver your wishes and he will make sure you will get that ride of a lifetime.


These “rings” are so amusing! Everyone in your own group competes against each other and the one who does not get wet is the winner! Simply inform the boat driver if you prefer a regular or an extreme ride!


The Banana excursion is great experience for groups or families. You will climb on the inflatable banana and you will be pulled by a high speed boat around Sidari beach.

Crazy Sofa

So you think that sitting on a sofa is a relaxing experience, right? WRONG! This sofa is going to bounce you all over the place try to stay out of the water! It is an unforgettable experience that must not to be missed. Try it with your friends or your family…

We take you to our float jetty. You will get some very easy and simple instructions and then the only thing you have to do is enjoy the ride and the amazing view. Capacity 1 – 2 people.

Fly fish is a unique experience. You can even fly on the air. It is one of the most extreme water games and because it needs an experienced driver very few water facilities in Corfu have it.

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Sidari Water Ski & Wakeboard Center was founded in 1981. It is the result of a lifetime love of the sport and over twenty five years of training.
Under perfect conditions in Corfu warm climate it is our objective to use this experience and knowledge to operate a water-ski program which provides exceptional accommodations, skiing conditions, instruction and professionalism to insure your progress in the fastest way possible, whether you are a novice or a professional.

We hope to be a part of your skiing holiday!


We recommend that you bring your own equipment as you get better results quicker with equipment that you are used to. Standard equipment at the center is the boom for teaching beginners and also the all new alternative wide body skis that will teach you the slalom course in half the time. Fly High pylon and Fat sack are also available for those who want to wakeboard to help you learn all the new tricks both easier and faster.

If you are planning on buying new equipment before your visit please feel free to contact us for advice on getting the right equipment

Arrival and Departure

You should plan your arrival on a Sunday and your departure on a Saturday. For those staying two weeks or more, the school provides room during the weekend at no extra charge. You should advise the school of how and when you plan to arrive at least two weeks prior to your arrival. If arriving by plane, Corfu International airport is approximately 40 minutes away from the center.

From Sidari beach Corfu to cape Drastis. The trip is for 4-5 people max (prive tour-water taxi). We will take you to the famous Canal D’amour (the tunnel of love). At this trip you will have the opportunity to see an art of nature’s work. Erosion stones from the salt of the sea, and the amazing green waters make a landscape that you would never think of seeing for real. The captain speaks fluently English the trip last between 15 to 20 minutes depends on the weather. It is a must do trip.


1 Jet Ski Kawasaki 1400cc 110 hp

1-2 people max

Jet Ski is a ride you must do. There is a secure area for safety precautions. Life jackets are provided. If you have never driven a Jet Ski don’t worry our instructors will help you.

Offer 1: Early bird special if you book before 12:00 am you get up to 50% discount for tubes

Offer 2:  Special discount for families and groups

contact us and book your discount

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.