Perivolos – Extreme WaterSports – Santorini

InformationOverviewParasailingTubes - BananasWater Ski - WakeBoardPrivate CruiseJet Ski Jet Ski SafariSUPPedal Boats - CanoesOverview      Perivolos Beach Santorini    +0030 6972949494+0030 6993991340    ??????? With over 20 years of experience in the sea, we started with watersports and other activities on the sea back in 2005. We have skilled fully qualified trainers

Perivolos – WaveSports – Santorini

InformationOverviewJet Ski SafariFlyBoardParasailingJet SkiTubes - BananasSUPWakeboard - Water SkiPedal Boat - CanoesOverview      Perivolos Beach Santorini    +0030 6980411827 +0030 2661099985    ??????? We offer a variety of sea sports, providing more than ten different and exciting kinds of activities. Our professional and licensed staff is there to ensure that you enjoy