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Platis Gialos Water Sports is a fun, entertaining water sports club on Mykonos Island, Greece.

The Club is located in the centre of Platis Gialos beach, in front of Mykonos Palace Hotel and right next to the lifeguard tower. Platis Gialos is one of the most popular beaches on the Island, only 4km from Mykonos Town and is easily accessible by bus, bike, car or taxi. The beach also has a number of well known hotels, restaurants and beach bars, beach chairs and umbrellas, a mini-market and tourist shop. Neighbouring beaches, Psarou and Paranga are only a short walk or boat transfer away.

Our friendly, qualified, staff provide safe, exciting activities and lessons for all ages and levels in a wide range of water sports. Beginners and experts will enjoy waterskiing, wakeboarding and barefoot skiing with our high quality equipment and speed boats. Our experienced boat drivers can take you on an action packed tube ride, sofa ride or banana boat ride, safe for all the family, ranging from extreme to easy rides. Jet skis are available for rental within the bay, no experience is required, we will show you how! Beach transfers by speed boat and boat trips are running daily.

Come and experience the hype of Mykonos and enjoy your days on the beach!

Browse through our pages for more detailed information on the fun we can provide to make your holiday a memorable one.

he origins of wakesurfing are somewhat disputed with multiple people and companies claiming to be at the genesis of the sport. Some claims have set the dates for the origins of boat-surfing or wake-surfing as far back as the 1920s. However, no creditable evidence of this is available. Footage and print media from the 1950s and 1960s show ocean surfers actively riding surfboards behind motor boats. By the mid 60’s numerous surfboard manufactures laid claims to building wake specific boards. The practice of riding surfboards behind boats continued through the 70s and 80s with the boards being ridden evolving to shorter forms right along the shortboard revolution in Surfing. As boards progressively shortened in length, taking a page from windsurfing or sailboarding many practitioners started using devices mounted to the board to strap and secure their feet in place. Aided with a tow rope, hard carving and launching off wakes lead to sports like Skurfing, Skiboarding, and eventually Wakeboarding. Wakeboardings growth and mass appeal lead the watercraft industry to advance technology to increase the size of wakes. This in turn provided an opportunity for wakesurfing to emerge from the shadows. Several sport pioneers, including but not limited to Tim Lopes, Jerry Price, Jeff Page, Rick Lee, Mark Sher, and others are noted with being at the forefront of modern wakesurfing. The first US design patent for a wakesurf was granted to Alfonso Corona in 1997.

Fly Board and Hover Board  are boards connected by a hose to a jet ski.  Water is forced through the hose and thrusts the rider into the air.  The rider is wearing bindings connected to the board.  An instructor is on the jet ski teaching the rider safe techniques and controlling the thrust.

If you are a beginner we can teach you the basics and more experienced fly boarders can try our lighter Pro Series fly board with twisting boots or the hover board.  You can also feel the power in your own hands with our EMK hand control.