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Plaka – Petros Watersports – Crete

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Elounda bay offers optimal conditions for water skiing and wake boarding.
You may expect flat waters and an experienced, patient instructor.
Who has a diploma with the Greek and British Water ski Federation.
We provide water skiing and wake boarding lessons and coaching is also available for those who want to master advanced techniques.
Anyone can learn.

Paddle in the calm, peaceful waters of the lagoon of Mermaids,’ swim in the turquoise blue sea and explore the historic island of Spinalonga – “The Island of Tears” with a modern Sea Kayak from Plaka Beach.
Sea kayaks and pedal boats from the main beach of Plaka visitSpinalonga, We provide dry bag for camera and clothes or papers.

Sea Kayaking from Plaka Beach

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

BOAT Rentals in Elounda’s bay is the ultimate way to
Enjoy the climate; relax whilst exploring safe waters, swim & snorkeling in a turquoise blue sea, experience a feeling of complete freedom. Discover by boat some of the most beautiful coastlines and beaches of Elounda, Spinalonga & Kolokytha Island…

Yamaha VX sport
1052cc, four-stroke Yamaha marine engine. 100-HP.

the speed of powerful Jet ski….

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Discover the rare beauty and rich history of Elounda by boat!
Whether you want to relax on a lonely beach, snorkel in crystal clear waters, visit Spinalonga or enjoy the wild nature of the bird island…
Our speedboat takes you there, avoiding the crowds!
Spinalonga (visit)
The first signs of settlement date back to Minoan times.
In 1579 during the Venetian occupation of Crete the Venetians built a fortress on the island to guard the bay of Mirabello. In 1715 the Turks, who occupied Crete for almost 200 years took over the fortress. Between 1900 and 1957 it was used as a leper-colony. Today the island is an open-air museum.
This day is beyond any doubt one of the highlights of your holidays on Crete.
Aghios Fokas Byzantine church (visit)
At the back side of the Kolokytha island,
Cruising the deep blue waters, we approach the traditional Byzantine church dedicated to  Fokas.
Kolokytha beach (view) or (swim)
This unique sandy beach is situated in a small bay at the backside of Kolokytha Island. An excellent spot for swimming in crystal blue waters and snorkeling along the rocky shores.
The bird island (view)
This small island just across Kolokytha beach is a protected breeding spot and natural habitat for sea birds and ideal for bird watching. Bring your binoculars!

Olous sunken city (swim)

The Dorian town of Olous gave its name to Elounda. Olous was one of the most important harbors of Crete. Around 200 BC the city disappeared beneath sea level, due to eruptions of the volcano on Santorini which is situated about 75 km North of Crete.
Archeologists found statues, vases and coins with the name Olous engraved on them.
What can be seen of Olous today are some zigzagging rocks under water. At this point the water is shallow so they can easily be explored by snorkeling above them.
This pleasant trip takes you through the bay of Elounda. We pass the small canal that connects the bay of Elounda with the rest of the Gulf of Mirabello and reach the sunken city of Olous. The remains of the Venetian saltpans, the old stone bridge and the ancient windmills give this place a romantic A

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Whatever your ambition, when it comes to water sports, we believe you will find something here for you.

Simply looking for a challenging adventure in a new sport or to improve your existing skills?