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Kavos – Crazy Watersports

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In our facilities you will find the most crazy water games. Our mastercraft is 260 hp and its requirements are specific for water sports water ski /wakeboard. Water activities in our facilities are for all ages, you can come with your family or with your friends and have the most exciting time.

Our jet ski are 120 hp and 80 hp they have specific modification (from factory) to make better turns. Instructions for the Jet Ski and life jackets are included to the price. We have a specific place for you to do Jet Ski with all the safety precautions.

In our facilities you can do water ski wakeboard or monoski .We have experienced instructors that can teach you waterski or wakeboard. You will start with some lessons in land and then we take some lessons in water. Life jackets and pads are included to the price and we make sure that your experience will be 100% safe.

WOWs most exciting 3 person towable tube yet! Built for 1-3 riders, the XO Extreme is a one of a kind, oval shaped design towable tube with a rocketed bottom to provide the most excitement ever on the water! Because of its patented oval shape design the amount of surface area touching the water is minimal which allows for a fast ride and less drag as it slips and slides across the wake with ease. This new inflatable tube concept from WOW has a high profile and is highly visible in the water, so expect to get a lot of attention while you are zooming back and forth behind the boat- It also makes for a great inflatable lounge, so after your thrilling ride sit back, relax, and float free in your favorite body of water on the XO Extreme- One of the great towable tubes for boating on the water

Tubes are a fun activity to do with your friends or family choose an easy or an extreme ride and we make sure to take all safety measures