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It’s best to do this activity at morning hours where the weather conditions are better, don’t let this activity for last day of your holidays because the weather conditions may not allow it. This is a precaution mete that we take for your safety, it need a good wind for a good flight. Very experience staff is there to give you instructions, the flight will be very safe because we take all safety measures.

You take off nice and easy after a light step from the pontoon, and you will enjoy a big ride at the bay of Ipsos. From up the few is astonishing and you will feel the freedom, and at the end of the ride you land slowly at the water. This is a unique experience that everyone mast have.


Crazy sofa is the safest water game suitable even for the youngest ages. There are deferent kinds of tubes depending on our need, tubes are for 2 up to 6 people. Some tubes are nice and slow and some others are fast and adventurous. Be sure that we will cover all the taste for younger to elder from easy ride to extreme ride.

Experienced staff and coach give lessons for water ski and wakeboard. Whether you are experienced or a novice enjoy the experience of ski, monoski or wakeboard.

We provide equipment pads, gloves, ropes and lifejackets.
There is a special bar for beginnersIt is safer and we pull you with a special boat for ski. For beginners we give the first lesson instructions on our floating platformafter lesson to bar and then we start out in the water.

The experienced can enjoy a tranquil sea that looks like a lake in the bay of IpsosEnjoy skiing monoski or wakeboard to the finest waters in the Med.

   Ipsos Beach Corfu

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   June to September 10:00 – 19:00

Ipsos Water Sports Center is located in the middle of Ipsos resort and has been here for the past 34 years. Offering water sport activities like waterski, parasailing, ringo, banana and our most popular Crazy Couch which can take a whole group of 6 persons. Ipsos Water Sports is open now from June to September and we are waiting for you.