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Passengers: 7 max

Engine: 30 hp 40 hp

Full insurance no license required, driving lessons are included in the price.

Speed boat:

Passengers: 7 max

Engine: 130 hp

Full insurance, license required

The boats are easy to be driven, but if you need a captain we will provide one. The boats can be charged for the whole day or per hour.

Trip 1: if you go south from Ipsos you will see the lazaretto island, Vidos island, the old town, and the famous Mouse Island near the airport of Corfu

Trip 2: I you head to north from Ipsos to Kassiopi you will see many beaches some of them can be reached only by sea with crystal clear water, you will also find some caves and if you get hungry you will find some nice taverns. From this trip you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean beauty of Corfu

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Lazaretto Island

Lazaretto islet is located on the NE side of Corfu Island, two nautical miles from the city of Corfu. It has an area of some 17,5 acres, belongs to the state and is being administered by the National Tourist Organization. Still preserved on the islet are “the wall” against which stood those condemned to death, the two-storied building that served as the Headquarters of the Italian army and a small church. Lazaretto islet was a concentration camp for the prisoners of the National Resistance movement of the 1941-1944 period.

The island of Vidos

The islet of Vidos lies right opposite Corfu town. This islet is small in size but has yet many special types of flora and fauna around it, thus it is protected as a nature reserve. In the ancient times, this island was known as Ptyhia or the island of Hera. A strong fort, also used as a prison, was built there by the French but was destroyed by the British. It is said that some underwater tunnels, constructed by the French, used to connect Vidos islet and the four fortresses of Corfu. A Serbian mausoleum also stands close to the small port of Vidos in the memory of the thousands of Serbian soldiers, who had died due to starvation and plague on Corfu in the First World War and were buried there. An outdoor cafeteria and tavern offers refreshment drinks and delicious meals, while you enjoy the view of Corfu town. There are some beaches around the islet, suitable for swimming. You can take any path you like after reaching the islet and you are bound to find one. In summer, a camping site for children works there. Small boats connect the old port of Corfu town, right in front of the Court House, to Vidos.

Old Town of Corfu

The Old Town of Corfu, on the Island of Corfu off the western coasts of Albania and Greece, is located in a strategic position at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea, and has its roots in the 8th century BC. The three forts of the town, designed by renowned Venetian engineers, were used for four centuries to defend the maritime trading interests of the Republic of Venice against the Ottoman Empire. In the course of time, the forts were repaired and partly rebuilt several times, more recently under British rule in the 19th century. The mainly neoclassical housing stock of the Old Town is partly from the Venetian period, partly of later construction, notably the 19th century. As a fortified Mediterranean port, Corfu’s urban and port ensemble is notable for its high level of integrity and authenticity.

Mouse Island or Pondikonissi – Vlacherna

Pondikonissi or Mouse island is the name of the most remote island in the bay south of Kanoni, just south of Corfu town. The island is often confused with and mixed with the nearer by island of Vlacherna which is connected with the main land by means of a small dam where also some fishing boats are. On Vlacherna there is a white monastery and a very tall tree. This is one of the most photographed places in the whole of Greece. In the background is Mouse Island. From Vlacherna during the summer months there are boats (in high season every hour) to Corfu town and you can also make a trip to Pondikonissi/Mouse Island. The only building on the island of Pondikonissi is a church that is hidden between the trees. The myth from Homerus says that Odysseus was washed ashore on the island, but other places on Corfu claim the same. The trees on Pondikonissi vaguely resemble mice and thus its name. At a 400 meters distance of Vlacherna is the beginning of the landing strip of the airport of Corfu, which is placed in a lagoon.

At Ipsos near the Asteria restaurant, you can rent deferent kind of boats from 30hp – 40hp and 130hp.

An experienced stuff gives you instructions. You rent a boat for the whole day or for an hour, you will experience the unique experience to organize your own trip. By renting a boat we provide you free lesson for driving the boat, all our boats are fully ensured, we can also provide you with a captain. We also give you maps and instructions for your trip, and we make a program depending on your interests.

In Ipsos where our facilities are located is the easiest place to drive boats because the sea is calm. At the location we are (Marina Ipsou) there is parking available for you, we can also arrange your transportation from and to our facilities. Our goal is for you to see the beauties of our island and live a unique sea experience.

There are locations that can be reached only by sea. Be a captain for one day!!!!! Swim to secludedpristine beach, see the Mediterranean beauty, if you get lucky you may see wild dolphins. We are here for you to make your vacations unforgettable.

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