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NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.


Ride the wind as you soar 60 to 70 meters high. Enjoy the thrill of flying and view the beautiful coast line of Platanias. If you get lucky you could spot a karetta karetta turtle swimming in the blue water beneath you.


Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Platanias beach coastline with our daily Parasail experience. The experience starts on the  parasailing boat. Here, you will get ready to use the parachute, which will rise high in the sky where you will enjoy the amazing colors of the Aegean sea

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Our beach side is not only terrific for all types of water sports but we offer other exciting adventure sports as well. Take your family out for an exciting crazy ride on our Sofas

Its bumpy, it jerks a lot, sometimes it lifts and it’s so fun you have to try it.

Duration: 10 min

15 euro per person

Life jackets provided

Photos available for 10 euros

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Jet ski fun activity rides is perfect for those who crave ” high adrenaline ” kind of day…

Just imagine : the wind in your face as you skirt across the beautiful Beach of Platanias.

Speed, adrenaline and crazy fun.
After a safety briefing with our qualified staff regarding, safety, handling a jet ski, jet skiing area, orientation at sea etc, you get to ride in your own safety area to enjoy speed and try all sorts of crazy manoeuvers.

  • life jackets provided
  • Duration: 15 min


Jet ski safari to theodoru island
Must book in advance
max 4 persons 2 jet skis
100 euro PER JETSKI
Price is 30 minutes
fuel included
lifejackets provided
safety briefing before starting
safety speed boat escort provided

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Our excursions Choose one that appeals to you 

There are three excursions that you’re bound to find the perfect one. Choose the attraction or the experience that appeals to you, or look for the type of excursion you prefer – adventure, or a more traditional tour. Our excursions are specifically designed to offer something for everyone. There’s a wide range to choose from: relaxing trips discovering the local nature and culture, perfect for both our older and younger guests, to more energetic and sports-oriented outings for guests who like to be adventurous. And guests will always be accompanied by expert staff!


visit the remote bay of Menies with our rental boat
3 hours starting 10 pm until 1 am
must book in advance
max 5 people
fuel included
experienced driver provided
snorkeling equipment privided


Visit Theodoru island with our rental boat
max 5 persons
must book in advance
60 euro for 1 hour
110 euro for 2 hour
160 euro for 3 hour
max 5 people
fuel included
experienced driver provided
snorkelling equipment provided

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.


The canoe is propelled by the use of paddles. Paddlers face in the direction of travel, either seated on supports in the hull, or kneeling directly upon the hull. Paddling can be contrasted with rowing, where the rowers usually face away from the direction of travel.


Swim with some beautiful fish in the most amazing reef on earth. You don’t have to go too deep to see it all.

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Stand Up Paddling boards

Leave the crowded beach behind and breathe fresh sea air while burning up to 800 calories an hour. Exercise all of the major muscles in your body without any pounding or stress on your joints.
Stand up paddle boarding is considered the fastest growing water activity because it combines a fantastic core strengthening workout with fun in the sun making it another awesome fitness routine on the water.


Life jacket – board leash provided

Hire is dependant on sea conditions and there should always be at least one responsible adult with any children.


You will get tips and useful instructions so after a few minutes on your board you will be going like a pro !!

A family-owned business from Crete with a lot of experience and committed to quality

Platanias watersports is giannis and stella.
Giannis has studied physical education in Demokritos University of Thrace (D.U.Th)
He is a water ski instructor by the greek ministry of sports, a licenced lifeguard by YMCA of Thessaloniki, qualified  in first aid by Red Cross Greece and was trained as a parasailing instructor by the British hang gliding and paragliding association.

Giannis founded platanias watersports in 1995 and has been the boat driver with a perfect safety record ever since.

Stella has studied to be a dental technician but instead after a career in sales and raising two boys she decided to partner with Giannis in Platanias Watersports, (as she has in life more than twenty years ago), as a reception,public relations and sales manager.

So we are here in Platanias beach under Ideal Hotel to give you joy, excitement, experience and fun with our water activities in the most safe way.

Top services beautiful landscape very friendly environment.

Platanias Beach Crete

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