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Paleokastritsa watersports Boat Rentals – SkiClub 105


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   March – October from 10:00-19:00


Marine Tourism and generally leisure at sea services have become very important for all coastal areas and islands in the past years. With the increase of domestic and foreign tourism,local people have been given the opportunity to promote their homeland. There are also a lot of places, especially on the islands, not very well known,because of their inaccessibility. There is the need of a boat to explore these secret spots. This way of entertainment is becoming stronger compared to conventional forms of tourism because it offers  unique and thrilling experiences.

SkiClub 105 offers a variety of reliable and well maintained boats. Our 8 boats in total are well equipped and can transport you and your friends to any of the 20 beaches of the area of Paleokastritsa and Liapades. If you are looking for a lonely and uncrowded beach to spend your day then SkiClub105 gives you the chance and instructions required. The boat rental is on daily basis, so they can be hired for not more than one day.

Safety is our main concern. So here is some practical information and advice in order for your trip to be pleasant experience and not a nightmare.

Choose the right company
Organise your trip by choosing the right size of boat for the number of your friends.There is always limited space on boats so there can be some tension between the passengers.Make sure that the people you will choose to join you will enjoy such a trip.
Organize well
Check and plan your journey well in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.Give responsibilities to the crew members,organization and division of labor will help all enjoying the experience.
Always tie the boat with safety
Wherever you decide to go ashore,make sure that you have tied the boat well.It’s preferable to spend a couple of minutes to be certain than waking up in the middle of the sea!

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Whether you are on your own or with a big company, come and try the experience of the couch at SkiClub 105. Come and have fun with us, let’s lift the adrenaline level and joy to the top. The couch is likeplaying the weak link,who will abandon? who is going to be the strongest? Hold on tight and be prepared for a unique experience.

For all this you just have to visit us at St. Petros beach Paleokastritsa. The couch is the best choice for hot summer days. We’ll be delighted to help you enjoying your holiday. If an experience like that scares you, our trained stuff will help you to overcome any kind of fear, so that you can have the time of your life.

Banana / Water Plane

The banana is one of the most well known water games someone can enjoy during summer. It doesn’t require special equipment, just a life vest, team spirit,your swim suit and a good mood.That’s all you need to laugh and enjoy yourself.

Hold on tight, develop all your communication and balance skills and we are going to offer you a unique journey in action and cool water. In case you fall, just think positive! Not only did you work out, you also met new people. So it will be 3 in 1 and you will find all that only at SkiClub 105.


Turnovers in the water ,ups and downs and adrenaline to the top. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity with your friends. Rings can drive you crazy, they bump into each other, they splash and glide to any direction and you are at their mercy! That’s what rings are all about.

Share the joy with your company and get ready to get on the rings over and over again. On the other hand you can choose how dry or wet you want to return from the ride since there are two different velocity levels (a slow and smooth one and a faster and bolder one). Equip with courage and good mood to try them and you will remember us.

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Greece with hundreds of islands and thousands of miles coastline is ideal for water sports, like water ski-monoski-wakeboard-waveboard.

Water ski is carried out at the surface of the sea while the skier is tied to one or two boards (slalom) and also to a speed boat, which is pulling the skier by increasing speed. Water ski has a lot of fans around the world. In Greece its popularity is rapidly increasing. So it is not a coincidence that Corfu is among other well known spots for water ski in Greece like karavi marathon etc.

Private Tours

How would you feel if someone would offer you a tour to secret caves and remote beaches? Paleokastritsa and the neighboring beaches of Liapades are among the finest spots of Corfu and they are perfect for boat-trip offering crystal-clear waters and swim breaks.

At SkiClub 105 we can realize this desire! Our tours are well known mostly because of their quality and beauty of the journey. Our captain will take you to hidden beaches. During the tour we are passing the Angelokastro (Angel’s castle), this famous Byzantine  fortress was built by Michail Angelos Komninos B’ and it was named after him. We are stopping at the, hidden by the castle, beaches.There is also a nice view to the Monastery of Holy Virgin Mary of Paleokastritsa before visiting the beach of Chomo in the region of Liapades.

Put your swimsuit on and make sure that there is enough space on the memory card of your camera because you will certainly want to keep these memories for ever!

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

Pedaloes are a good choice and an amusing experience for all. For families with little children, teenagers or adults hiding a child within. It’s easy to use not demanding at all. With your friends you can try this at SkiClub 105, St. Petros bay Paleokastritsatsa.

This Taxi boat service is quite modern and SkiClub 105 is hoping to offer the best quality of services to our customers. It operates like a regular taxi and is very popular in coastal areas and islands. It is mostly used by tourists in order to discover remote regions with difficult access.

Taxi boat service at SkiClub 105 is simple! The taxi boat is waiting to take you to the beautiful caves of Paleokastritsa and the unspoiled beaches of the area, such as Rovinia, Stellari, Chomoi , Limni, Liniodoro… Make your choice and  talk to our  captain about your departure and inform him about the time you want to be picked up .

Take food, water, super mood and good company and leave the rest on us!

SkiClub 105 is located in Paleokastritsa Corfu, at the beach of St. Petros. It offers leisure services at sea.

Our goal is to offer excellent leisure services at sea for you, your family and friends. At SkiClub 105 you can hire a boat, have a private tour or use the taxi-boat service to explore the wider area. Hidden caves and unexplored beaches are a must destination. There are approx. 20 beaches accessible only by boat. It takes only 10 minutes to get all the instructions from our leader and you will be able to explore the area on your own. Except for sunbeds and umbrellas you can do water ski and get in touch with the child within by having fun with our pedaloes, couch, banana, rings or even test your stamina with the little plane.

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing incredible moments and summer experience. We are also organizing various events, like beach volley games so get your energy and liveliness and we will take care of everything else!

Corfu - Monoski

Kavos Watersports

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Our speed boats have 310 hp ideal for waterski wakeboard and barefoot. If you are a beginner we have professional trainers for you. We also have a float jetty for the experienced one for a more adventurous and extreme ride. Easy ride or extreme it’s up to you just inform our drivers and they will make your ride unforgettable.

Kavos watersports is considered one of the best water sports in Kavos. We have two professional drivers. Extreme sight of Kavos. Our speed boats have a 310hp engine ideal for water ski, barefoot and tubes.

Corfu - Jet-Ski

Kavos – Crazy Watersports

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In our facilities you will find the most crazy water games. Our mastercraft is 260 hp and its requirements are specific for water sports water ski /wakeboard. Water activities in our facilities are for all ages, you can come with your family or with your friends and have the most exciting time.

Our jet ski are 120 hp and 80 hp they have specific modification (from factory) to make better turns. Instructions for the Jet Ski and life jackets are included to the price. We have a specific place for you to do Jet Ski with all the safety precautions.

In our facilities you can do water ski wakeboard or monoski .We have experienced instructors that can teach you waterski or wakeboard. You will start with some lessons in land and then we take some lessons in water. Life jackets and pads are included to the price and we make sure that your experience will be 100% safe.

WOWs most exciting 3 person towable tube yet! Built for 1-3 riders, the XO Extreme is a one of a kind, oval shaped design towable tube with a rocketed bottom to provide the most excitement ever on the water! Because of its patented oval shape design the amount of surface area touching the water is minimal which allows for a fast ride and less drag as it slips and slides across the wake with ease. This new inflatable tube concept from WOW has a high profile and is highly visible in the water, so expect to get a lot of attention while you are zooming back and forth behind the boat- It also makes for a great inflatable lounge, so after your thrilling ride sit back, relax, and float free in your favorite body of water on the XO Extreme- One of the great towable tubes for boating on the water

Tubes are a fun activity to do with your friends or family choose an easy or an extreme ride and we make sure to take all safety measures

Corfu - Boat Trips

Kavos – Asprokavos Watersports

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Stund up paddle

Learn to row like a pro. Experience the limitless benefits of slide seat open water rowing & Stand Up Paddleboarding(SUP).
Leave the smog behind and breathe fresh ocean air while burning up to 800 calories an hour. Exercise all of the major muscles in your body without any pounding or stress on your joints!
The sport of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an ancient form of surfing.Within one hour you can become a confident paddler.
Stand up paddle boarding is considered the fastest growing water activity because it combines a fantastic core strengthening workout with fun in the sun making it another awesome fitness routine on the water at Asprokavos
Hire is dependant on sea conditions and there should always be at least one responsible adult with any children.

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.


You need not be Olympic level athletes. Just row and enjoy; the reward will be yours..

Take in the incredible beauty of the Asprokavos cape as you slice through the waves with easy strokes of the paddles

The canoe is propelled by the use of paddles, usually by two people. Paddlers face in the direction of travel, either seated on supports in the hull, or kneeling directly upon the hull. Paddling can be contrasted with rowing, where the rowers usually face away from the direction of travel.

For 1 up to 3 persons per craft.
Required gear: Life vest (provided) and strong will!!
Hire is dependant on sea conditions and there should always be at least one responsible adult with any children.


Its a fun leisure activity for all the family and friends. Hire a pedalo for an hour and become a captain for a day.

Refresh your self diving in the crystal clear waters or discovering the sea powering full speed ahead in a pedalo

For a chilled out relaxing time you can’t beat a pedaloe. Slowly sail out into the bay and chill in the peace and quiet.

Hire is dependant on sea conditions and there should always be at least one responsible adult with any children.
For 1 up to 4 persons per craft.
Required gear: Hat, sunglasses and tanning lotion.

The Flyboard is a water –propelled device that allows the user to fly above water, to dive in and out of the water to perform multiple freestyle tricks.
The Flyboard attaches to pwc (personal watercraft) which gives propulsion trough air and water.

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.















package 9: boat trip to paxos-antipaxos and blue lagoon -sivota


We have been offering joy and excitement in a wide variety of water sports activities with safety for 19 years! Maybe one of the best kept watersports secrets in the south Corfu..


Asprokavos located at the southest end of Corfu Island just 5′ mnts way from the main town of Kavos. Its a small nice beach with beautiful landscape looking across to Paxos nad Antipaxos islands and to Mainland Greece.We are located between Corfu Sea Garden Hotel and Ionian Sea View.

Our top quality Watersports Services ….
will give you all the fun you can handle!

We have been offering joy and excitement in a wide variety of water sports activities with safety for 19 years! Maybe one of the best kept watersports secrets in the south Corfu.. Our top quality Watersports Services will give you all the fun you can handle! Choose through our huge Selection of Inflatables and Watersports, such as:

Jetskiing, Wakeboarding, Water-skiing, Water Rings, Crazy Sofa, Solo Flyers, Banana Boat, Parasailing, Pedalos, Canoes etc.

Feel the adrenaline rush with…

Our specially trained and experienced staff will teach you how to operate and inform you of the required safety procedures.Life jackets are provided.Asprokavos Watersports Center opens from May till October, 7 days a week from 10:00am – 18:00pm.

Corfu - Canoe/Cayak

Agios Ioannis Peristeron – Aquafuntastic


   Agios Ioannis Peristeron Corfu

   +0030 6980411827 +0030 2661099985

   March – October 15th from 10:00-18:30

Aquafuntastic is located to Agios Ioannis Peristeron, and we have the bigest variety of tubes and many other water activities that you will enjoy.

  • Tornado: What more extreme? Try the TORNADO 2 or 3 persons together, hold on tight for fast action fun!!!
  • Ringos: For a more bouncy ride try our RINGOS experienced driver, fast fun in the sun!!!
  • Mambo: ideal for children the MAMBO is very stable perfect for those who want a more relaxing ride!
  • Double trouble: for couples or good friend! Try our DOUBLE TROUBLE, sit together and laugh!
  • Big Mable: how about the BIG MABLE? Perfect for family fun, sit together hold on and have fun!
  • Banana: the original BANANA ride! For up to 6 persons together suitable for all ages as fast or slow as you like!!

In our facilities you will find also FUNFLY, PHANTOM, JUMPSEAT 2, FALCON, and CRAZY UFO

NOTICE: No Booking Fees. Book online, Pay at Facility.

For a scenic view of the area from up high, try Parasailing!

Available for solo or two people together side by side fun in the air!

For beginners or experienced come and see us for water ski, mono ski, wakeboard.

All new equipment available. For beginners we also give lessons


Would you like to test your strength?

Jump in the canoe on your own or with your friend and push your limits!


Sunbathing on the sea!

Enjoy with your (girl or boy) friend!

Max, four or five persons…..