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Welcome to Baywatch Boat hire and water recreation service. Located in Sidari, Corfu our company has been serving the North Coast of Corfu for over 5 years and in that time we have made a name for ourselves as being safe, reliable, fun and exciting. With a large variety of boats for hire, ranging from 15 Horse-power all the way up to 30 Horse-power, we are confident that we have the boat for you.

Canoes and petal boats

If boating is not your thing and you just want to mess about, we also have pedal boats and canoes, which are a perfect way to see the bay of Sidari. We have two types of petal boats with slider or without. We recommend slider if you have kids they will enjoy it.

Canoes max 1-2 people

Petal boats 4 people max


Points of interest

Canal D’Amour


Is French for “Channel of Love”. It is a rock formation carved by the force of the sea and wind and can be found near the tourist village of Sidari in the northwestern tip of Corfu. There is something that looks like a cave but actually is a tunnel which leads to the other end of the rock. This tunnel gave the place its name. Legend has it that if somebody swim through the tunnel, the person who will meet at the other end will become his/her eternal love.

Cap Drastis

Cap Drastis is tucked away in a beautiful wooded landscape in North Corfu, namely the traditional village Peroulades. Beyond the cape, where one can sit and swim, there are too many small and beautiful secluded beaches and several islands that allow you to choose the place for you to lie down and have a nice sunbath or swimming away from the overcrowded places. One of the advantages is that access to these places can only be done by sea (either by swimming or by boat) and this is the reason that it is protected from human intervention, maintaining the natural beauty and pristine.