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Petal boats: 1-4 people max

Taking a pedalo  is a nice and relaxing ride you can do in Benitses beach. You will enjoy the view and explore what is near the beach. Our petal boats have slider. If you have kids they will enjoy it.


Kanoni, the church of Panagia Vlacherna and the Mouse Island in Corfu: The location of Kanoni with the church of Panagia Vlacherna below and the Mouse Island (Pontikonissi) are the most famous and photographed spots of Corfu. Kanoni is actually a quarter of Corfu Town, just a couple of km from the city center. It took its name from an old cannon that stands on top of the hill. This hill is lush green and has many luxurious hotels and local residences.

Some steps go down the hill from Kanoni and you reach the small church of Panagia Vlacherna. A narrow 300m passageway connects the island with the church. Constructed in the 17th century, this lovely chapel has an impressive wooden-carved iconostasis and beautiful frescoes inside. The roof has red tiles and above the gate entrance, there is a tall bell tower.

Fishing boats depart frequently from the church and go to the legendary Mouse Island, just 5 min boat ride. This lush green island took this name due to its tiny size. According to mythology, this rocky island is the ship of Ulysses that was stoned by god Poseidon. In the center of the Mouse Island, there is the 13th-century church of Pantokrator. This church celebrates on August 6th with a large religious panigiri for Corfu.

On top of the hill in Kanoni, there are two cafeterias with amazing view to the church of Vlacherna, the sea, and the Mouse Island. It is also very frequent that you see an airplane landing and taking off from this spot, as the airport of Corfu is right next to the church. Another longer passageway connects the church of Vlacherna with the opposite location of Perama.

Corfu Kaiser’s Bridge: Kaiser Wilhelm II was extremely fond of Corfu and purchased the Achilleion Palace in 1907. Carl Ludwig Sprenger was then appointed as the botanical architect of the palace and was also responsible for the building of the bridge that led to the beach. Named Kaiser’s bridge after its owner, the bridge made reaching the beach easier, which otherwise required traveling through the main connecting road on the island.

The bridge was built in such a way that it formed an arch over the road, covering the lower gardens of the Achilleion and the nearby beach. An important landmark today, it is still preserved not only as a symbol of architectural significance but also of imperial vanity.

Today the bridge is not in the form of its past glory since the central section was destroyed by Wehrmacht, during the Second World War, when the island was under German occupation. The destruction was necessary mainly to allow free movement for vehicles.

Benitses is an colourful fishing village located 12 km south of Corfu town.

The old village has a traditional feel to it, and is surrounded by woodland.

Walking up the old streets one has the feeling that you are in a mountain village in Greece, except that here the sea is near.

The coastal road contains hotels which are suitable for the best and cheap holidays that someone can get, restaurants, cafes and other shops that offer everything that the most demanding visitor can ask.

Benitses is surrounded by mountains on one side and by the aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea on the other.

Add to this unique combination of nature the natural hospitality of the residents, who are familiar with different cultures, these are what makes visitors love the village.

Boat specifications

30hp boats with maximum capacity 1-6 people /40 hp boats with maximum capacity 1-7 people.

Equipped with tent and full insurance

Located in the beautiful beach of Perama. Enjoy our motor boats, canoes or petal boats and explore the area by sea. Renting our boats will get a special experience on your holidays. As well as the natural beauty of the island, you will get to see the beautiful houses and the hotels which are built on the hill side, the traditional ports of the fishing villages, Mouse Island and the old fortress in Corfu town. While sailing the east coast of Corfu you can discover many beautiful beaches with crystal blue water (some of them are approachable only by boat) where you can spend your time swimming and diving. You will also find many nice taverns that you can stop any time and have something to eat.

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