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   Perama Rodas Corfu

   +0030 6980411827 +0030 2661099985

   1st May – 31 October from 10:00 – 19:00

Our main service here at Sam’s Boat hire is providing safe, reliable boats for rent. Since not every person is the same or has the same needs, we have several different power levels (horse-power) to fit everyone’s need. Whether you want to relax, or fish…Contact us!

Our boats

(2) 15hp, (1) 20hp, (2)25hp, (1) 30hp maximum capacity for all boats is 7 people.


all boats are insured you also have personal insurance, life jackets, sea to land mobile telephone, lessons and instructions for the boat and your trip are all included to the price.

Also for fishing we provide you the equipment and a captain to guide you.

From our facilities you can go up to St Spiridon to Akrotiri Drastis, our limits (coastal route) stretch over approximately 23 km. here you will find the most amazing beaches (some can be approach only by boat) and hidden beauty that you would never imagine you could find.