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Jet Ski

Pure Adrenaline Rush

If raw horsepower is what excites you then be ready for a pure adrenaline rush. Our experienced staff will show you how to operate the jet skis and will inform you for the necessary safety procedures.

Remember Always: SAFETY FIRST

Useful Info:

  • Number of People: 1-3
  • Duration: 15min
  • Life Jackets Provided

Jet Ski Safari a unique experience

A simple thought became the most powerful sense of fun and action. Our experience that ensures your safety and our quality combined with our investment to the latest Jet Ski models bring you to the point best value for money.

Our trip starts from our Water Sports Center where after everybody wears a lifejacket followed by the skippers’ meeting to explain the “Security First”. Then we continue by showing practically how the jet ski works and then we are ready to go.

The guide boat, with an experienced driver, starts and then the jet skis follow one by one. The jet ski safari just started. After about 10-12’ we make our first “moving” stop. Details of the stops not given. You must be there to live the experience. After another stop and approximately 25’ minutes we arrive to a beautiful lonely beach with the crystal clear water. There the guide boat goes to the anker and the jet skis approach the boat to get fasten.

When this procedure ends everybody gets a mask and a tube and it is snorkeling time. There you can discover the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

About 35’ later (the time is optional) it’s time for a refreshment on the boat. Till we are ready to return the clock shows 45’. The same procedure again for the way back, always with the hope to meet dolphins or giant turtles (caretta-caretta). 25’ minutes later we are back to the point we started.

This was a very short introduction to the experience you will have by joining a trip like that.

We promise you fun and action for all ages!

Although many people consider parasailing to be an extreme sport, it is not. Parasailing is actually very relaxing and safe. No experience is needed and you just enjoy the view and the fresh air.

Our experienced and highly trained staff in combination with a luxury and high maintained boat insures you a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

A Worldwide Known Sport

Windsurfing has no age, weight, colour, style. It is a worldwide known sport adding daily more fans. Once you get in the water you will be “stucked” forever in this magical and breathtaking sport.

Our instructors are highly trained and also windsurfers themselves with plenty of racing experience and were handmade windsurfing board manufacturers in the early 90’s. The only thing we require for teaching you windsurfing is that you will have the passion and will to learn.

Let us introduce and teach you the amazing sport of windsurfing and who knows, you may be the next world champion.


Vagelis (was a Greek Champion on 1988-89) and his son Giorgos both with huge experience on teaching windsurfing will assist you any time. Trust them to introduce you to the windsurfing world. A world of freedom and open mind. Slide on water with a no limit level of knowledge.

The lessons take place at our station with the 1st hour learning the basic of the theory part. This part is the beginning of everything and makes you understand wind directions and lines while you are in the water.

The 2nd hour is basically practicing what you learned on theory. Simulator is your second hour and is as important as the theory part.

After that you are officially introduced to the windsurfing world and it is up to you how further you will manage to go.

Α trip different than others

Are you looking with your family or your partner for a trip different than otherswith the possibility of sightseeing, swimming and relaxing on a beautiful boat under the sun? Then the choice is one. Our boat trip to Agia Pelagia.

Agia Pelagia is a small traditional fishing village 17km from Heraklion city by car. People there are living from tourism and fishing. There are plenty of beaches around but the best and not so well known from the tourists is the beautiful and breathtaking beach called “Paradise Bay”. Still remaining on natural look caused of the visiting possibility just by boat.

A small beach around 20m long with palms hanging exactly above us. A paradise just 45 minutes from our spot that is waiting to be seen from you.

The trip starts after arrangement from our station. The transfer to our 9m boattakes place with all your belongings you want to bring with you with a 6m rubber boat just 100m from the beach.

Then the captain welcomes you and the trip starts. Our first stop takes place to a traditional fishing village called “Palaiokastro”. After a couple of photos we continue to the next stop called “Star Gate”. The locals used to call it like that cause of it looks by joking that a star has fallen there.

Without describing the next caves and beautiful sightseeing just by boat around 45min later we arrive to Agia Pelagia where we provide you masks and tubes for you to discover the amazing underwater world.

With a ladder the up and down to the boat is very easy and also there is a big platform for our big and small children to enjoy jumping in the water.

We provide refreshments (free) whenever you feel thirsty.

After being ready with diving and snorkeling, the boat starts and makes a small trip to a beautiful natural scuba diving paradise called “Lonely Sailor”. Exactly next starts the way back.

Hope you enjoyed the description and we expect you to find out the calmness and the beauty of this trip.

Crazy Sofa, Crazy Ufo, Sting Ray, Conelly, Sea Doo’s

Choose through our huge Selection of InflatableCrazy SofaCrazy UfoSting RayConellySea Doo’s etc.

Come with your partner, your children or your friends and we insure you your safety and we are ready to listen to your instructions. Thumbs up – Faster. Thumbs Down – Slower. It is that simple and it is all it takes. All ages can enjoy and have fun.

Learning Experience

Whether you had never done it before, or if you are an expert, you can double ski, mono ski or wakeboard at our beautiful Ammoudara bay. Our professionals waterski and wakeboard instructors will teach you with a ground lesson before heading into the water.

You will feel confident about the techniques before you enter the water, making your learning experience safe and easy. Any age and any level is welcome to have a go!

35 years of professional and private fishing

Mediterranean Sea is one of the most beautiful and rich sea for fishing in shallow waters. Many different kinds and species of fishes. With modern technology as depth meter and GPS fishing success is almost true.

Our boat is 8m long with a huge platform that gives the possibility to 3 people fishing at the same time. After 35 years of professional and private fishing we can insure you a very pleasant and interesting fishing.

Our fishing equipment has a very high quality and is provided by us.

Don’t hesitate to ask us when is our next FISHING TRIP

Relaxation & Training

Are you looking for relaxation together with a bit training during your holidays? Rent a Pedalo or a Canoe and enjoy the sun and your swimming far away from the crowdie beach. You can also explore along our beautiful beach in combination perhaps with snorkeling.

WaterSportsCrete is 7km from the center of Heraklion and 10km from the airport. Our beach is 7km long surrounded only with sand. After 35 years of experience we insure you safety and a very pleasant and memorable stay. The team of WaterSportsCrete is multilingual. We speak EnglishGermanRussianFrench and of course Greek.

We are equipped with F2 and JP boards and NeilPryde Sails. We are the best place to combine windsurfing, jet ski and jet ski safari, water sports, boat trips, mountain bike, relaxing, good food and cool nightlife.

WaterSportsCrete is run by Vagelis and Giorgos Manouras. Themselfes and their team ensure the safety of the sport and try to do the best to help you improve your windsurfing skills.